On the 20.03.2016 at the South East Of England Dobermann Club Championship Show Frieda was awarded her 1st Reserve CC by breed specialist judge Wendy McColl

“1 Robinson & Parrot’s Remesca’s Reet Petit, 3 years br/rust female. Presented in athletic condition & offering an excellent outline which is clean, balanced & of top quality. Super free moving girl who produced strong drive from rear & excellent reach through fore. Beautiful elongated blunt wedge shaped head with super length & depth of muzzle, parallel planes & dark almond shaped eyes. Clean, dry lips lying flat to cheek. Convex neck in to clean shoulder. Desired angles in proportion front & rear producing balance & overall soundness. Ratio of shoulder to upper arm correct with good depth of brisket & tight elbows. Parallel forelimbs with catlike feet. Short slightly sloping topline held firm on the move. Short, muscular loin with adequate tuck. Well filled croup & c-shaped tail set on correctly. Well bent stifle & strong parallel hocks which are perpendicular to the ground. Stunning profile & sound overall, delighted to award her RCC & will watch her future with interest”Wendy McColl