Supeta’s Pocket Rocket At Sharhyste  JW ‘Rosie’


Born: 19.03.2015

Sire: Ch Aritaur Cardinal Red At Jodaseen ShCM ‘Hugo’ Dam: Supeta’s Bewitched ‘Raven’

Health Tests:

Show Results 2016 (Updated 21.11.2016)

Date Show Judge Result
03.01.2016 Carlisle & District Canine Society Bridgette Bodle 1st AVNSC Working
Open Show Junior
Best Puppy In AVNSC
1st Puppy Group
16.01.2016 Manchester Dog Show Society Dr Ronald W James 1st Puppy Bitch
Championship Show Puppy Working Group Best Puppy
Jill Peak 4th Puppy Working Group
28.02.2016 Catrine Canine Club Open Show Tom Mather 1st AVNSC Working
Best Puppy In AVNSC
Group & BPIS 1st Puppy Group
Jeff Horswell Reserve Best Puppy In
12.03.2016 Crufts Mrs Sue Brassington VHC Puppy Bitch
03.04.2016 North of England Dobermann Club Anne Lunt 1st Junior Bitch
Open Show
24.04.2016 West of England Ladies Kennel Mrs Lita Lainchbury 1st Junior Bitch
Society Championship Show
20.05.2016 Scottish Kennel Club Championship Elaine Turnbull 2nd Junior Bitch
21.05.2016 Scottish Dobermann Club Open Show Mrs Lynne Jones 1st Junior Bitch
28.05.2016 The Dobermann Club Championship Miss Victoria Ingram 1st Undergraduate Bitch
Show Gained Final points for her
Junior Warrant Title
29.05.2016 Bath Canine Society Championship Mrs Sue Searle 1st Junior Bitch
04.06.2016 Southern Counties Canine Association Stuart Mallard 1st Junior Bitch
Championship Show
10.06.2016 Three Counties Agricultural Society Robin Newhouse 2nd Junior Bitch
Championship Show Stakes Judge 1st Special Yearling
Stuart Mallard Working Stakes
25.06.2016 North Of England Dobermann Club Billy Henderson 2nd Junior Bitch
Championship Show
26.06.2016 Blackpool & District Canine Society Richard Kinsey 4th Junior Bitch
Championship Show Stakes Judge 1st AV Working/Pastoral
Ernie Paterson Junior Stakes
16.07.2016 National Working & Pastoral Breeds Mrs Jay Horgan 1st Junior Bitch
Dog Society Championship Show
22.07.2016 Leeds City Canine Association Wendy Meikle 1st Junior Bitch
Championship Show
23.07.2016 North Eastern Counties Dobermann Hans Van Den Berg 1st Junior Bitch
Society Championship Show
23.07.2016 North Eastern Counties Dobermann Liz Dunhill 1st Junior Bitch
Society Open Show Reserve Best In Show
13.08.2016 Bournemouth Canine Association Bridgette Bodle 1st Junior Bitch
Championship Show Stakes Judge Reserve Bitch CC
Mr H Ogden 1st Royal Canin Junior
20.08.2016 Welsh Kennel Club Mrs C E Cartledge 1st Junior Bitch
Championship Show Reserve Bitch CC
Stakes Judge VHC Higham Press Junior
Mr J Barney Stakes
27.08.2016 Scottish Dobermann Club Richard Meredith 1st Graduate Bitch
Championship Show  
03.09.2016 City Of Birmingham Canine Derek Smith 1st Junior Bitch
Association Championship Show Judge Junior Stakes 1st Arden Grange Junior
Robin Newhouse Stakes
10.09.2016 Richmond Dog Show Society Jane Brock 3rd Junior Bitch
Championship Show
29.09.2016 Driffield Agricultural Society Peter Forshaw 2nd Yearling Bitch
Championship Show
08.10.2016 South Wales Kennel Association Philip Greenway 4th Post Graduate Bitch
Championship Show Judge AV Yearling 1st Av Working/Pastoral/
Stakes Terrier Yearling Stakes
Liz Stannard
09.10.2010 Welsh Dobermann Club Roger James 1st Yearling Bitch
Championship Show Reserve Bitch CC
23.10.2016 Birmingham & District Dobermann Martin Horgan 2nd Yearling Bitch
Club Championship Show  
27.10.2016 Midland Counties Canine Society Ann Ingram 3rd Yearling Bitch
Championship Show
05.11.2016 Working & Pastoral Breeds Mr Joe Smith 1st Yearling Bitch
Association Of Scotland Championship  
13.11.2016 Midland Dobermann Club Melanie Merchant 4th Yearling Bitch
Championship Show  

16.01.2016 Manchester Dog Show Society Championship Show

28.02.2016 Catrine Canine Club Open Show

Sheila & Rosie

Photo courtesy Robert Downie

12.03.2016 Crufts

Sue Mycroft & Rosie

Photo courtesy Michelle Adams

23.07.2016 North Eastern Counties Dobermann Society Open Show

Sue Mycroft, Sheila Graham and Rosie with Judge Liz Dunhill

Photo courtesy NECDS

13.08.2016 Bournemouth Canine Association Championship Show

Sue Mycroft & Rosie with Judge Bridgette Bodle

Photo courtesy Sam Jones